Which He-Man LiveJournal Icon Are You?

Your musical preference:

Tim McGraw - he's settin' that circus down!
New wave.
Mopey progressive rock.

Complete this sentence - She-Ra is:

a nice person.
my sister.
my favorite flavor.
a noble hero with a fine ass.

Seeing Skeletor, you would:

ask for a free Redbone T-shirt.
powerpunch him for having ape-sex with your mom.
scream, "Lame alert!" and make siren noises.
ask to borrow his skin cream.
tie him up and let your friends ride him like a donkey.

The phone rings. It's Teela! You:

ask her how she can smell so bad even over the phone.
beep and pretend to be an answering machine.
say you are King Randor and ask, "Who let the dogs out?"
hang up. You're tired of people who only want you for your body.
listen for a while. It's always nice to hear from someone who only wants your for your body.

Which of the following are you most likely to buy on eBay?

Cheer Bear.
Some new vinyl.
Clawful's arm.
The Princess of Power Swimsuit Calendar.
Furniture for Castle Grayskull.

______ is a good ride.

"It's A Small World"
The Battle Ram

Your favorite movie is:

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone.
The Little Mermaid.
Masters of the Universe.
Bridget Jones' Diary.
Wacky Incest Bloopers vol. VIII.

If you had a dog, its name would be:

Extreme Doggor.
She-Ra, 'cause she looks good on all fours!!!
Baby Turtle Dog.
Teela - just look at her, man!
Yo La Tengor.

On an average day you wear:

fur shorts and a chest-plate.
nothing but a sheen of sweat.
fur shorts and battle-armor.
lavender pants and a gay vest.
clothing designed by J-Lo.

Because we're lazy, we borrowed a good portion of this from these folks, who took it from the Beatle test, and who knows where they got it? Now go check out He-Man's LiveJournal and tell him starfiction.com sent ya.